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4/16/2016 – Dyno day at Gainesville Harley Davidson on their new Dynojet 250ix to test the clutch and turn up the boost again:


3/26/2016 – She is all together again:)

Right_Side Engine Engine_Front Front_End Front_Wheel Gauges Lef_Side Cam_Cover

3/20/2016 – 3D printed oil cooler scoop:


3/1/2016 – Black nickel plated wheels:


1/15/2016 – Primary cover mod to fit 1125 clutch cover with pneumatic diaphragm and hydraulic slave cylinder:Primary_cover_mod_14

3/15/2015 – Some recent pics of the bike before I head out of Gainesville, FL for my new job in Asheville, NC:

Right Side 2 Right Side 1 Left Side 3 Front 1

3.563″ bore Hammer Performance cylinders with 30 Degree reverse dome pistons


Cush Drive Completed

Buell Rear 2

Barnet Scorpion clutchBarnett Scorpion 141125CR 47mm forks

Fork Milling 3Ilmberger gas cap

Ilmberger gas cap