Rear Suspension


To help keep the front wheel on the ground with the new found power, I decided to change to a longer swingarm. The Buell Ulysses, SS, and TT models use a swingarm that has the same look as the other XB models, but is about 2″ longer. On my 2005 model, I had to update the oil lines as well, but it bolts right up using the same pivot bolt.

In addition to being longer, the swingarm has a different shock mounting location. While the stock shock will fit, it allows the swingarm to bottom out on the frame and would have caused a lot of damage. To get things working just right, I decided to have a custom Penske 8970 shock made by Traxxion Dynamics. It allows me to adjust preload, rebound and compression settings as well as allowing the proper amount of suspension travel so the swingarm will not bottom out.