Dyno Charts


4-16-16 21psi with new clutch setup holding everything I threw at it. Some detonation in this run was resolved by retarding the timing a couple more degrees. It’s an animal now! I was hoping for over 200hp but I think I’m missing out on some top end power due to small (relatively stock) cylinder ports and/or cams.


8-6-13 19psi with two people sitting on the bike for improved traction on the dyno (clutch and/or rear tire still slipping):

185-164 Dyno19psi with a slipping clutch:


11psi in Blue and 7psi in Red7psi vs 11psi

15psi on old setup

12psi on old setup

12psi with slipping clutch on old setup

6psi on old setup

8psi on old side mount setup

7psi on old side mount setupWhere it all started:)