AEM X-Wifi


This is the unit I will be using to log air/fuel ratio along with both front and rear exhaust gas temperatures to tune the latest build. With the turbo on the bike, I can’t use a O2 sensor to tune individual cylinders since the additional pressures that build in the exhaust system between the cylinder heads and the turbo would cause the O2 sensor voltage outputs to skew and give inaccurate readings. I can, however, use a wideband O2 after the turbo, like I have been since the first dyno runs, and use the exhaust gas temperature data to monitor and compare the individual cylinder performance.

The AEM unit allows for 1 wideband O2 sensor and 2 K-type thermocouple inputs, and can either stream the data over it’s own wireless network to a computer, or through a USB cable, or to a third party data logging system.

I am going to be monitoring all of the standard engine parameters through ECMSpy, and log the afr and egt data via the AEM X-Wifi wireless network.

The AEM unit comes with a Bosch 4.2 LSU sensor but without thermocouples. You can either buy them separately from AEM or elsewhere. I found a set on ebay, and realized after I got everything in, that AEM’s thermocouple plugs are unique to AEM. It turns out that AEM sells the thermocouples with an additional adapting harness to go from any standard k-type thermocouple wires to their plug. I did a little looking at the larger plug for the WB O2 sensor, and sourced the 3-pin plugs and terminals from mouser for about 5% of what I would have paid from AEM. A little research goes a long way!