This brief explanation will soon grow longer and more complete, but here are some shots of the evolution of the turbo placement:



The latest turbo mounting. It sits below the center of the motor and is mated to a Turbosmart 38mm external wastegate. This is by far the best arrangement I have tried.





My workbench when I am trying something new. While I was designing the new parts to mount the turbo below the motor, I tried to keep every part organized and in view, so I didn’t forget something important in the design.





This is what the bike looked like just before I reconfigured the turbo placement. I had already installed the longer swingarm and mounted a larger water injection tank below the bike. This was an extremely refined side-mounted turbo setup.





This was shot while I tried out a XB-R style race fairing and clip-ons. I thought it looked cool, but I preferred the more up-right seating position of the XB-S front end, so it didn’t stay like this for long.






A closeup of the stainless exhaust outlets for the side mount setup. I designed the flange and my brother machined it for me. It is now a piece of art in my garage. You can also see the Cro-moly turbo support that bolts to the primary cover.





A view of the side-mount turbo setup with the motor out of the frame.







This is the first air filter I used. It wasn’t the best but it worked temporarily until I learned what space I had and what was available.







A shot from the first trip on the trailer from my parent’s garage, where I stored it, to my house with the turbo. I was so proud!!!





My XB with a NEW TURBO! Right out of the box and I started the design and mock up.